Monday Morning.

The sun is shining, the patio door is stretched open and the birds are all singing away. It’s peaceful, quiet and although the rest of the world is on fast forward, this moment right here feels content, simple and enough to get me through what is going to a hectic couple of months ahead. My Masters study comes to a close, mostly, by the end of May with just my main dissertation piece to finish off before the end of August which means April and May is fast filling up with deadlines, exams and data collection which is going to throw me all over the country. However, having swapped the dark nights for long drawn out sunny evenings there is a big advantage into less sleep and being chained to a laptop into the early hours. Flowers are blooming in the garden and just to hear the sound of wildlife expanding, mainly birds for us, means there’s no need for television or radio for background entertainment.

My Dad’s recovery from his influenza is a long process, a mentally and physically exhausting one for all of us but of course mostly him. Each day is a change either forward or backward and the only way to cope was to delete apps and switch off social media so I could focus on the people and things that need me most right now. However, we had a beautiful and much needed day out to the seaside last Friday where the weather was very much in our favour. We sat on the front, I paddled in the freezing sea with the dog and we enjoyed fish and chips with a glorious view of a bobbing harbour as the sun dipped down. It very much confirmed my desire to live by the sea in years to come.

Yesterday I marked the welcoming of Spring and warmer temperatures by planting out the first batch of seeds for the year. The annual pumpkin and butternut squash seeds are sitting comfortably in egg boxes having been watered with a hint of sunshine glowing over them. There probably won’t be too much focus on the vegetable patch this year so I’m going to concentrate on my Halloween delights and maybe a few herbs thrown in for good measure. However I do need to give the rockery a refresher at some point and allow the flowers to expand and grow out but leave plenty of room for the winter heather to bounce back later on the year.

Last night I indulged. There’s still a nip in the air so we had the log fire glowing and after watching the ISS pass over a very clear moonlit sky, I curled up on the couch with Pa and watched Practical Magic. One of my favourite films based on one of my favourite novels by my favourite author Alice Hoffman. My mind has been a cluster of mess these past couple of weeks and I’ve fallen off the wagon of everything I’ve been set out to achieve these past few months. However Monday rolls around again which can only mean one thing. To remain positive, to cherish the good and to keep working at all we’re trying to become.

Have a great week all.

Love and Light.


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