February: Self Kindness Squad Buddy Box

The worst month is now behind and we’re inching closer to the Spring equinox which means more sunlight is returning to these darkened dreary days. I adore Winter, but this one hasn’t felt so much magical but more miserable.

All sense of normality and routine was thrown out when my Pa was admitted to hospital nearly two weeks back and whilst it is absolutely the best place for him to be right now, it is difficult to plan your life around visiting times. When someone you adore to the moon and back is sick, you flush every ounce of energy you have into ensuring they’re surviving. Are you doing enough for them? They’re vulnerable and hurting so inevitably it is the crowds around them that hold them up until they begin to build their own strength. But when we forget to nurture ourselves, what threads of love can we use to protect the ones around us we care so deeply about?

That’s why self care is so important. We spill negative thoughts over ourselves and these inevitably impact on to the ones around us. We assume we aren’t deserving, maybe we haven’t worked hard enough or maybe like many of us, we were never taught how to cope with failure so we beat ourselves up. But surely if we spend time taking care of our own well being, it’s one less thing to stress about in our day to day lives. And just because it’s Valentines, it doesn’t mean we should have to sit around waiting for someone else to value our worth. Not at this time of year or any time of year. Buy the flowers or the chocolates for yourself. Show yourself that you care how you are. And the rewards from small acts of self compassion will flow into your daily life and lift those around you.

However if you’re struggling on where to start with self care then the February Buddy Box is right up your street. Filled with cheer leading anecdotes to get you off your feet it will guide you down the path of self compassion. You can enjoy your Immunitea in your Sloth Self Care mug whilst you stitch your Sloth key ring and be coached to overcome those little niggling thoughts that soon cloud every factor of your life. Why not treat yourself to the monthly Buddy Box as your token of self care every month? A present that will surprise and delight but encourage gentle steps to improving your mental health and acknowledging there is no such thing as super human. The calmest person may be screaming inside, so just because you don’t feel you have it together right now doesn’t mean you never will.

Take a minute to treat yourself. Listen to your favourite music, eat your favourite sweets and drink your favourite tea. This Valentines instead of worrying about waiting for someone else to show up, show yourself how much you love and care about you. And feel that positive glow domino into the relationships of your life.


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