January: Winter Retreat Buddy Box

2017 landed with a thud and before you knew it, already a week has passed in the New Year. If I’m honest I’ve tuned out social media as there is only so much hysteria one can take regarding all things cultural. In truth, December exhausted me. Initial excitement turned to frustration which in turn became impatience and so once the first of January hit, I was more than ready to embrace a turning over of a new leaf.

Resolutions are the bane of my life, they are for most people I imagine. Tiresome little rules we set on ourselves in order to reinvent to something we wish we could be. As each year has passed, each resolution has failed which only increases the lack of self care and the increase of self loathing at not being able to commit to some form of self discipline.

Instead of making resolutions or rules, I decided to embark on a slow burn of what I wanted or needed to improve over the year. It was important to make it realistic, to make it vital that I don’t beat myself up if there’s days dotted in between where I can’t get out of bed or where my mind isn’t strong enough to adapt. Therefore the January Buddy Box came just at the right time to help me on this path of change, this stroll to improving my physical and mental health over the course of a year.


The Little Book of Hygge is the main focus of the January box and it was actually something I bought for myself in December, but it doesn’t hurt to have an extra copy lying around. It’s a gorgeous little book centered on the focus of the Danish word, “hygge”. Whilst it doesn’t literally translate to a simple English word it is more of a meaning or an interpretation of a way of life. For example, one of my favourite things to do, to sit in front of the fire on a quiet cold winter night reading a good book would be considered hygge. This book is a brilliant way of finding those warm comforting simplistic moments that bring content and I’m so excited that all the Buddy Box subscribers are going to be introduced if they haven’t as of yet.

A few extra treats include a hand lotion with a tropical scent, some indulgent tea from Yuyo that incorporates cacao (the purest form of cocoa, a new obsession for me) and the ever popular post it notes from the Blurt Foundation. This month’s focus is on achieving simple small goals, brushing your teeth, combing your hair or eating something healthy. It’s a great way to set little goals and to encourage yourself to stick to them, just as I am doing now on my slow burn resolution fiesta.

January can be a hard month, for many it is the hardest month. Being confronted with a dramatic U turn back to normality, wishing for Spring to come on through and having the magic of the festive season being dismantled in front of your very eyes. It’s almost a grieving process. That’s why it is absolutely important to set these simple, achievable little goals and to be kind to our self, to remember that this moment is temporary. It won’t be long until the tulips and the daffodils squeeze through the frosted soil, but for now just like the Buddy Box wishes, let’s hibernate through this tough period and rejuvenate ready for the coming months ahead.



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