Buddy Box; Merry Calm-mas

In less than two weeks Christmas will be over, can you imagine that? Time flies the older you get but the stresses and tolls of festive celebrations can leave me exhausted and drained. Fold in assignment deadlines with a dash of winter flu and you’ve got yourself a recipe for feeling pretty darn low. And it’s all too easy to forget to take care of our self when we’re so busy drowning in thinking of how we can give generously to others. Thankfully the Blurt Foundation have pulled it out of the bag for the December Buddy Box by allowing some self-care and mindfulness to help pull through this Christmas period. Here’s probably the best box I’ve had so far…


As you gather from the theme of this box it’s all about bringing around a calm aura. We at all times of the year get anxious but when the dark nights have drawn in, trapping us indoors from the cold outside it’s easy to get cabin fever and spiral further down the black road. The pressure of expectation to make Christmas and New Year the best time of your life is overwhelming and everything feels a failure when you can’t succeed in achieving the lovely festive picturesque landscape we see on adverts and television programs.

But never fear! The Buddy Box will alleviate the intensity of the bright metallic festive decorations with a concoction of mindfulness and aromatherapy. First of all, pop the kettle on and brew up a gorgeous mug of Clippers Snore & Peace, a blend of calming chamomile, lemon balm and lavender. Then pop your feet up and breathe in the gorgeous scent of Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home, a warm and spicy cinnamon aroma whilst you absorb Tisserand essential Lavender oil into your pulse points and allow to soothe the soul.

Whilst you wind down take a moment to read over and patch up a wounded soul with the Press Pause cards, a brilliant device that can be used on the move to bring clarity and peace of mind when feeling low. Alternatively you can read the December Buddy Box zine and find tips on surviving the holidays or bring out your artistic side to colour in some of the Mindfulness Moments colouring book and inspire yourself to practise more self-care in future.

December can be difficult for many. We struggle to find joy in every little thing and sometimes in nothing at all. The expectation of all things Christmas can weaken the soul and once the day itself rolls around, we’re too mentally exhausted to actually enjoy what we’ve created. By taking a few minutes to yourself in the day or the evening (or both), practise some of these self care rituals to bring about a calmer attitude and to enable you to survive through to January. Most of all, remember you’re not alone and there are many struggling just like you, so be brave and reach out through Blurt Alerts and as a community we’ll hold each other through to 2017 and beyond.


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