BuddyBox, A Woodland Walk

My favourite time of year has been time stamped once more by the arrival of November’s #BuddyBox which follows a Woodland Walk theme. Filled with goodies to indulge and inspire celebrating the crisp smokey outdoors this Autumn season, it’s the perfect little pick me up when we could easily want to go into our own hibernation until Spring.

The weather has dropped quite dramatically, bordering on minus temperatures whilst the surrounding Peak District has already had its first sprinkling of snowfall. A blanket of orange, red and gold leaves carpet the street outside and nothing beats kicking them up on the evening husky wolf walk. Exercise in itself is a blessing to a troubled mind, but to feel rosy red cheeks, cool plumes of condensation escape the lips and see squirrels skipping round tree trunks brings a whole new world of sensory pleasure. No wonder followers on the Blurt Foundation Twitter feed opted for this month’s November theme to celebrate all things Woodland at its most magical time of year.

Another hot chocolatey treat is in this month’s box along with the wood oak and lavender infused scent of Yankee Candle’s Autumn Night votive. There’s a cute owl hand warmer which is perfect now it’s ‘defrosting the car’ season and a sweet bear key ring to adorn the everyday essentials of house keys or car keys. And you have a crafty choice between a sweet hedgehog tea towel or turning it into your own snuggly woodland theme cushion filled with handmade love.

The zine has tips and tricks  on how to go about your own perfect woodland walk as mindfulness advocate Gabrielle guides you on how to make the most from taking in the sensory opportunities as well as how to calm a stressed mind from the impending festive season. You can become your own Sherlock ticking off all the flora and fauna illustrated so delicately and find new inventive ways to feed the birds or decorate your house with the wealth of pine cones lying around.

Last but not least the simplistic but ever so effective postcards are a great addition as one of them quite perfectly reads; “be patient with yourself, nothing in nature blooms all year”. This season is settling down, animals are finding their nests, leaves are withering down to dust and everyone around is wrapped tight in as many layers as possible. Autumn and Winter can feel like cabin fever, but they’re an opportunity to nurture yourself, wind yourself in a plentiful of blankets and accept no guilt on getting yourself through this winter period of year. Personally, nothing beats a woodland walk, a hot Lush bath and a hot chocolate in front of the fire, everything the Blurt Foundation are championing in this box. Be sure to treat yourself and get yours now.

Happy Woodland Foraging!





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