Whitby, 2016

This past weekend I reveled (and froze my nipples off) in the beautifully haunting town of Whitby, North Yorkshire as they celebrated their Annual Gothic Weekend. This was my second year attending as a happy observer and even more so enthusiastic as this year my Pa got to come with me. Last year was supposed to be our dream smashing first visit but unfortunately he was hospitalised with pneumonia and so alas I was forced to make the most of it alone (which of course I did) but held it close in my heart that he was going to come with me another time, so we re-booked with intention to visit again.

Unfortunately, unlike last years abnormal late Summer spell in October, we weren’t quite so blessed and instead had to make do with Scandic gale force winds. They’ve just had their first seasonal snowfall so naturally the temperatures dropped on our Northern coastline and once or twice it was pretty difficult remaining upright; thankfully though the main town is dipped down between two clifftops so wandering the cobbled streets brings some peace from howling winds. The Abbey visit wasn’t quite so forgiving, but all the while still a picture perfect silhouette sitting atop the town’s landscape.

Our room was the most perfect view of the whole town, coast and Abbey so sitting indoors with a continuous flow of tea was essential. I managed to indulge in some reading for pleasure by way of Rabia Chaudry’s “Adnan’s Story” (if you’ve listened to Serial, then DO read this). However, the highlight of the weekend was definitely the two little seals that popped their head up in the harbour much to the delight of the all those crowded by!

The weekend wasn’t finished until a quick swing by Scarborough to watch the waves power in and now I’m back home snuggling with a very fluffy winter wolf in front of the log fire. A perfect beginning to the Winter period where I’ll be nose deep studying, revising and writing until the New Year with hopefully an exciting research project tied in the middle. I’m also attempting a Vegan overhaul and getting back into looking after myself so that I can make sure I’m fit and ready to be there if Pa needs me; watch this space on that as so far I’m finding it pretty easy! (That’s a way to jinx yourself ain’t it?)

Hope you’ve all had a happy and safe Bonfire weekend and are fighting fit for the minus temperatures and possible impending snowfall… not long until Christmas now! Eek!


P.S. who’s currently in denial over the whole US Presidency Election? Personally, neither of them are great candidates but the lesser of two evils is obviously Clinton. However, for the sake of my sanity and peace of mind I may well spend the rest of the week in ignorance listening to Classic FM, revising for my exam and pretending all is zen with the world. And don’t even get me started on the Brexit insanity, I am so over politics right now.




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