(My first) BuddyBox October

The Blurt Foundation is a brilliant organisation that is designed to give those with depression a step up in life by providing a wealth of articles that tap right to the heart of a persons very real struggle with their quality of life, as well as to give advice and raise awareness of mental health issues.


Self care is their motto, so they put their thinking caps on and followed the subscription box trend to bring forth their own invention; the Buddy Box. Designed to be a persons best friend and a little reminder of love and care, it’s filled with treats and goodies that will help give its recipient a much needed boost.

After following the tag for months on Instagram, I finally dived in by buying my own subscription in September and TODAY I received my first ever Buddy Box, which just so happens to follow my favourite theme, (cosy nights in) for my favourite month of the year; October. Here goes!

First of all the box has a beautiful autumnal theme with a delicate lacing of leaves around the logo, whilst the contents of the box are wrapped in a deep warm orange tissue paper.

Inside there is the first Buddy Box zine which features an exclusive interview with the CEO of the Blurt Foundation, as well as a round of self care bingo plus a creative step by step guide on creating your own duvet fort (anyone remember doing that as a kid?!). Once you’ve managed to build and hide in your den, you can then proudly don your iron on patch claiming yourself as a “Duvet Fort Architect!”

Following on the theme of cosy nights, there is a Gnaw hot chocolate shot with some tasty marshmallows to creature a luxuriously indulgent chocolate drink which can be enjoyed whilst your tootsies warm up in the super soft bamboo socks. Whilst you sip and soothe, there’s a great little book called the “The Little Pocket of Mindfulness” which on a quick skip through is filled with all things self care to help you through anything and everything life might throw at you.

Of course the Buddy Box wouldn’t be complete without the iconic #365daysofselfcare post it set, (also a great tag on Twitter if you check it!), this is a fantastic reminder to reward yourself each day of the year. This month’s theme; badassery! My kind of reminder.

Last but not least some inspirational autumnal postcards finished off this wonderful box which overall has surpassed all my expectations on the treats it can give you to help achieve a better head space as you walk this path of life.


If you want to get your hands on your very own Buddy Box or might know someone who would appreciate a little pick me up then head on over to the Blurt Foundation to buy a subscription or to get your hands on this box. Check it here!

I always want to know about brilliant things like this, so you if you know of anything that promotes self care or benefits those with mental health illnesses, then drop me a comment below and let me in the goodies!




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