Following on from my last post, here is a link to Part II of my personal history of mental health illnesses. This one was a struggle to write on one hand, but also a total relief on the other. A small disclaimer that it does deal with complicated and difficult matters so please, if you yourself are vulnerable or struggling, this in no way promotes the use of self harm. Please make sure to read through the full post and seek advice provided by Depression for Teens. The final part will be up in a few weeks.


Next week marks World Mental Health Day (October 10th) so make sure you dig out something yellow to wear and donate a few pennies to a mental health charity of your choice. As mentioned before Mind have teamed up with Tesco and will be rattling buckets all weekend to raise money, but businesses and organisations all around the country have got their own events so be sure to keep your peepers focused in on what’s around you. Sheffield Hallam Uni in particularly look to have a few events going on, so if you’re a Uni or College student, be sure to check out your local events listings.


This past weekend marked my Dad’s 61st birthday. This time last year his birthday triggered an emotional fallout as his lung disease suddenly deteriorated alongside pneumonia and multiple chest infections before eventually he was moved onto permanent at home oxygen therapy. As a family we wanted to put this behind us, so we all made the effort to come together and decided to relive our childhood by going to see the Blackpool Illuminations.

It was a beautiful day flying kites, getting caught in the rain, dancing under the lights, laughing at anything and everything as well as feeling a general sense of normality among us. Simple little days like this put the world to rights and together we can move forward with a sense of perspective on this big old scary world. Remember to take these moments and cherish them as they’ll provide a wealth of therapy and comfort in the future.



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