A Taste of Fall

I can feel a taste of my favourite season starting to drift over the land like the plumes of smoke that rise in the weeks of bonfires and sparklers. That’s right, Autumn. Although it’s August the last few days have been cold, rainy and overcast with a distinct snap of chill in the air, the short lived heatwave has passed and already I find myself reaching back for coats, jumpers and boots. To say the Fall is my favourite season would be an overwhelming understatement. I adore everything about it, from cellular bean to majestic fibre, every essence of this vibrant season has been something I crave for all year round.

Reading in front of the fire, hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows, knitted hats and jumpers, thick fluffy socks and soft cotton pajamas, listening to classical music as leaves twirl and waltz to the ground whilst we jump through mountains of foliage and raindrops fall, tinkering on umbrella tops that spin and spiral in the blowing breezes. As you can see, I daydream autumn days pretty much all year round.

So far in August I’ve been obsessed with brand new books, I rarely indulge in hard backs but instead wait for the paperback releases later on, but there were some exceptions to my reading wishlist for the summer season. First of all being Carrie Hope Fletcher (as I’ve mentioned before) who won me over with her magical love story of never giving up on your dreams, even in the afterlife. And second of all, the exciting new script for Cursed Child, which unfortunately didn’t get the fires burning quite so passionately. Whilst I imagine it’s an exceptional stage production with the various settings, action sequences and change of historical timeline, for me it left a somewhat empty void than the books did. But that may be the script format which lacks the in depth review of emotional literature that full books provide.

We also went to Eyam Hall for the Summer Nights Film Festival to see Lady in the Van and our next task is attempting to bring some vintage hurricane lanterns back to life with a bit of wick and fuel so they’ll be ready for the dark nights that are drawing in. We’ve also officially booked the Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour, for the week before Christmas Eve (!!!) so all tips from work are now being put aside to buy some special treats; I’ve particularly got my eye on some Ravenclaw robes.

The next task for today in particular is to get my to do list sorted for the windswept tour of Helsinki in just a few weeks time as well as to make sure I’m on track with my MSc application which I imagine will also be kicking off in just a few short weeks. At the minute it all feels very transitional, into a new season, to new beginnings, my favourite time of year and lots of wonderful adventures afoot.


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