Pinch Punch

It’s the first of August! As you get older, it drives you crazy trying to accept how quickly time seems to pass you by. Each time you blink it’s a Monday again and before you know it, one Christmas has moulded into the one the following year. For some reason reaching the over halfway mark of 2016 has awakened me into realising just how fast that time has gone, how one split second has turned into a full 365 days of the year.

So much has happened for me personally and academically between last summer and now, and the cliche roller-coaster ride of it is bringing my mental health and physical health to its knees, so August for me is all about re-evaluating who I am, what I do and how I do it.

Here are my promises to myself for the next 31 days.

  • Sleep better. I was always a night owl but now having to wake earlier more often to get to work, to study or more importantly to ensure my Pa’s well being means I’m lacking in a proper nights sleep most nights. I promise to go to bed at 10pm but find myself wide awake on my laptop past midnight with the dreaded alarm clock snapping me up at 7am. So, as they all suggest no technology after 7/8pm in favour of reading, bath time, colouring, puzzles or crafts. Tiring my mind out the good way doing creativity will far more benefit me than endlessly refreshing my Twitter feed.
  • Eat better. In July I managed to cut out all meat and fish which opened me to a proper world of clean eating though lacking in protein and essential oils. Whilst I am going to stay away from meat, I might need to inject fish back in to my life and already I’ve taken on better steps to picking lighter healthier snacks than indulging in big heavy meals whereby snacking on calorific treats has more chance of happening.
  • Move more. I promised in July to get back to the gym and swim more and not surprisingly it never happened. I have an endless list of excuses but it all comes down to putting too much pressure of expectancy on my shoulders so instead I’m going to scale back. Little and often is the key and that in itself will do my mental and physical health the world of good.
  • Love me. I’ve had an endless roll call of flu symptoms, fatigue, tiredness, sore throats and blocked noses over the past few months so my immune system is still very much screaming at me to sort it out. The above three will help my physical health recover but I’ve taken on multivitamins and cod liver oil for good measure to keep my inner supply nice and full going into the winter months.

Overall, I need to look after myself more and snap out of these bad habits; keep away from technology and get back into the real world where I can do a better job of taking care of myself, which will go onto doing a better job of looking after others. What are your promises for August?



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