Midsummer (Positive Vibes Only)

So, last week dumped a whole cloud of torrential acid rain on the population which seemed to spiral (and still is) whereby my Twitter feed for example feels much better to be off bounds for the time being. I know it’s selfish to want to avoid it, but one day’s worth of apocalyptic reactions, negative stereotypes being thrown back and forth as well as frustrated folk striving to cause only more segregation is enough to want to disconnect your broadband connection. And it wasn’t just the EU referendum that gave me reason to want to go offline for a while, the tornado of tabloid gossip and fabrications only drives further irritation. What could be a brilliant social media device, feels as if it’s becoming nothing more than a daily dose of a gloomy pessimistic downer.

That’s why this weekend I chose to go offline (Twitter wise) for a while and instead seek out the positive vibes of the internet. The Pinterest boards to stoke inspiration, the Tumblr feed to seek out artistic visuals and this place, the blog, to share the good in life, and to avoid using it as a means to try and justify my actions. It’s funny how once you cut off the unfavorable aspects of the world wide web, there doesn’t feel like much left to explore.

Last Monday also marked the Summer Solstice with the weekend just gone as the Midsummer celebrations, the Celtic fire festival whereby we can honour the long days slowly shortening back into the Winter season. Despite a raging fever I decided that it was time to mark these wonderful turning points in the year and so threw a Summer bash for my nephews.

Unfortunately the rain only managed to stay away for an hour or so before we had to move indoors to play games and draw pictures; but in that hour we managed to go offline and spend valuable time together making paper aeroplanes, blowing bubbles and jumping about among the dampened grass blades. All in all, it was a gentle reminder that there is much to life than an IP address or a refresh button sitting on a social networking feed.


As June comes to an end, and so does my #30DaysWild adventures (I’ll blog properly about that tomorrow) I’ve had a gentle reminder this month that stress can come from all directions of life, not only the areas we control but also the ones out of our hands. The media, the press, the papers, even talk on the street can raise blood pressure levels and trigger all forms of anxiety that sit beneath the surface of the skin. My promise for July is to become better equipped at blocking out these parasitic wavelengths and to do the best I can to focus on the glass half full mantra that I’ve tried to adopt for 2016.

I also want to take better care of my immune system, after tackling a winter cold in the summer months, it feels my defence system is shocked to its core and is probably running on empty; therefore my next mission in July is to take better care of my health. My promise is to go swimming at least once a week, to get to the gym at least twice a week and whenever the sun is shining, to embrace it in some form of outdoors activity.

Also, after cutting down my meat intake, my July mission is to also be 31 days vegetarian; no meat and no fish. It sounds easy on paper, but practically on paper it’s quite difficult when I’m surrounded by meat eaters, but life is more fun when you take on new challenges.

So, June has been a downer for many, regardless of your political opinion you’ve either been framed as a villain or left feeling as a recluse and so our mental energy right now is probably at an all time low. Therefore, on this last day of June let’s write out all the positives we have in our lives, and all the negatives we want to combat in July and together we’ll move forward into a new month and a new season with a much brighter spirit.


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