The Wildlife Trust are challenging us all to spend each day in June finding nature in our everyday world! They don’t expect us to go on great hiking adventures in order to get closer to the wonders that the outdoors provides, but to spend a moment everyday immersing ourselves in the wilderness on our own doorstep, to fit around your lifestyle and to allow us to engage and become more intimate with the magnificent world of flora and fauna.

It is proven that the great outdoors lifts our spirits, improves our mental well being and allows us to become calmer in what is otherwise a dangerous and seemingly anxious world. Whether you live in a rural community or a great wide metropolis, there is opportunity to allow your senses to become reconnected with nature, and it doesn’t take a Latin speaking landscaper to fully enjoy its provisions; anyone can unite with the beauty of nature.

Here’s some of my favourite things to hopefully give you some inspiration to welcome more of the green man into your world, and don’t forget to share your #30DaysWild on social media using the hashtag so we can all reap the rewards that our great mother nature brings us!

  1. Take a walk on the wild side. Find your local park and take a stroll through the greenery. Most trees are currently blossoming and colour is starting to return to flower borders, so use this opportunity to take along your smartphone and Instagram some pictures of the blooming lovely flora on display. Don’t let the rain put you off either; dig out your wellies or umbrella, or be brave and take a run in the rain to unleash your senses.
  2. Feed the birds. No longer tuppence a bag, you can get hold of bird feeding kits from a huge range of shops, even Poundland offer a great variety! Pop one in your garden or outside space and watch a vast array of flying creatures suddenly find your space as a new home, you might just wake up to the dawn chorus as a sign of their gratitude.
  3. Sow your seeds. Most vegetables have passed the point of growing from seed, but why not get your hands on your favourite vegetable plant to grow? It could be something small if your short on space, a chilli pepper perhaps? If you have a bit more land to fill, why not commit to growing your own vegetables, there’s nothing better than harvesting the fruits of your own labor when the winter months start to roll round.
  4. Go Offline. We spend so much time glued to our phones and laptops, it’s easy for us to overlook what’s around us. Why not commit to spending a weekend away from social media and instead find some green space to read in? Go for a run in the local park, dip your toes in the nearest river and immerse yourself in the senses of nature on your own doorstep.
  5. Make friends with nature. All creatures great and small are coming back out into the great outdoors as the temperature rises. Find ways to help them from planting bee and butterfly friendly plants to making your own insect gardens, the little creatures are as much to be admired as the large ones, see how many different ones you can find!

That’s only a small array of things you can do to invite nature in to your world, even little gestures count if you don’t have the time. Why not commit to take a photo of a different flower or plant every day for 30 days? Get in touch with your inner child and make daisy chains with your friends and family or find your favourite flowers and press them to make your own memory of your relationship with nature. There’s so much to see and do, I’ve barely scratched the surface!

For more information on #30DaysWild and to get your hands on your own challenge pack, head on over to the 30 Days Wild campaign page. Tag me in your Insta posts or Twitter feed as I’d love to see where your imagination takes you!


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