The big ol’ dissertation hand in was last week, and at present there is only two “little” assignments left to do before my final year is done and dusted. I imagine it’s around this time, that all Grads go chasing about looking for employment and opportunities, and to a certain degree I’m one of them (though having committed to MSc study, the employment doesn’t weigh on my mind quite so much).

That means, while balancing a part time job to stock pile some pennies, this provides ample freedom for me to get out there and meet some folk already in the Tech industry, and once you start digging, a whole treasure trove of events come knocking on your door. This past weekend was no exception with Hack the Vote, an event sponsored by London First in which tech and politically motivated folk come together to help their objective; in this scenario it was to find methods in which to boost the number of young people getting involved with the EU referendum. At present, only a 50% turn out of under 35’s are expected to vote, an abysmal number considering it’s our future that we have to account for.

I won’t go into too much detail, other than for those of you know, it was your standard hackathon, though being my first, I had no past experience to base it upon. However, London First alongside other organisations including Represent and Bite the Ballot were phenomenal, extremely welcoming and so passionate about the causes they speak for. And I met some wonderfully talented folk who have inspired me to go above and beyond the call of duty with your skill set in order to find new ways to help others.

Hack the Vote also meant I got to spend a weekend in the big city of London, which also meant some much needed hang time with my big brother who lives down that way. Luckily for me, the weekend coincided with my hero, Shakespeare’s 400th birthday, so Sunday evening gave time for me to stroll along the Embankment and immerse myself in the celebrations of his life.

Time on my Computing studies I feel is coming to a slow chugging finale and my choices are now open again in where the path leads from here. I have harped on somewhat about Information Security being of interest to me, but there has always been one great big love of mine that I have never followed through. That love is medicine, particularly the mind. So whilst I finally get on track with my St Johns volunteer training this week, my MSc may become of something more research based which, to toot my own horn, is something I’m far more confident with than coding of sorts.

But, we have a few months to go yet. For now, it’s these final 4000 words to write up and then I can spend some time back in my normal habitat of books, books and more books.



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