Whitby Goth Festival

Halloween is my favourite time of year, where the veil between earth and the beyond is at its most thinnest, if you choose not to be spiritual then it is a time to reflect and celebrate the lives of those passed on or for others dressing up and reliving your youth in unusual and unique costumes.

This year was a change of scenery for me instead of a quiet night in providing treats for the tricksters, me and my Pa had planned to live our dream of ours by visiting the Whitby Goth Festival, unfortunately he was taken sick so it meant the trip became a solo outing but I made the most to revel in the festivities for the both of us.

The Goth Festival is renound, as well as music, people from all over flock in their finest costumes and outfits to frolic in the celebrations and this year was even more special as Halloween itself fell on a Saturday. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining, the stars at night twinkled beautifully over this rare gem of a town that was filled with joy and a great sense of community. We’ve just booked to go back next year and it wouldn’t surprise me if this became an annual Bagshawe tradition.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the weekend but you can find more on my Flickr.


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